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Suggestion Box Rules:

Please submit a separate suggestion for each hero.

Please keep it positive. This is about people’s accomplishments that have made a difference. It’s not about politics and/or skeletons in the closet, so if you do not agree with a post, kindly refrain from sending complaints.

Please do not send repeat suggestions for the same person. All submissions will be considered. If you do not immediately see your hero, it could be that I am waiting to feature that person in connection with a birthday, holiday, or anniversary. All heroes are highly valued and the order in which they appear do not reflect a “rank” of importance.

Please keep it brief. Feel free to nominate a family member or friend, but accompanying information needs to be concise. Links to information are more helpful than emails several pages long.

Please indicate whether or not you authorize your name to be used in connection with a hero’s nomination. If you have given approval but do not see your name listed, please understand that your submission may be a duplicate and/or the omission was purely an oversight.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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